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 :: Ransomware attacks: be alarm
CNC detected few of computer/servers have been infected with WannCry ransomware. To avoid these threats are used to compromise and endanger individual PCs or entire networks, Computer and Network Center has been enhanced additional protection that might cause users experience intermittent connectivity. In the same time, please be aware of Ransomware and DDoS attacks by keeping operating software and anti-virus up-to-date.
Please find here below the relevant information,
  • Microsoft Security Bulletins shows all critical update to resolves vulnerabilities of your system.
  • Taipei Tech provides authorized anti-virus software to download at
  • The affected IP address is listed in web page
    If your IP appears on the web page, please make sure you had been completed removed virus before contact C.N.C. Mr. Chen, extension number 3226 or E-mail to unlock your internet access service.

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