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The CNC Desktop Cloud is hosted virtual desktops allow student, faculty and staff securely connect to data and applications, also could temporarily store data in the CNC cloud servers. Users have a great deal of flexibility to use authorized software without considering the environment setup or computer processor anymore.
Although the CNC desktop cloud is elasticity, it has a few limitations. In order to make desktop cloud more efficiency, the session limit time for 120 minutes per person, and while the disconnected sessions are deleted from the server all data will be restored. Please be aware the virtual desktop will automatically restore data after user disconnected for 30 minutes or log out, reboot, shut down the computer. A reminder, all users should store your data all the time.
To work with the CNC desktop cloud you must establish a connection to it from your computer platform Windows, Mac OS or iOS, Android device. The CNC desktop cloud can be used with the current of most browsers, including Chrome 28, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 6, Firefox 21 and above, however, for security reason when users connected to it, browsers only keep clipboard function.
There are two different ways to establish a connection to virtual servers in the cloud.
OPTION 1: : Download and Install VMware Horizon Client applications that allow you to connect to virtual desktops from your device. Be sure to download the correct software according to your system.
OPTION 2 : Using a web interface.
The steps of two options as explained below.
* OPTION 1: Download and Install VMware Horizon Client applications
1. Please enter the URL: into a browser, and click the "left image" to download VMware Horizon Client applications. You can check the software link below to make sure you download the right versions and operating systems.
option1: Step1. install VMware Horizon Client applications
2. For instance, when you install the VMware Horizon Client applications for windows, you need to specify a default “View Connection Server”. Please enter “” and then click “Next”.
Option2: step2. set Server
3. After finished the installation, please double-click the “VMware Horizon View Client” icon and run the program. Double-click the server icon to connect the CNC Desktop Cloud. If you are not seeing any icon that means you did not put in the cc server name during the setup procedure, please hit the left corner “+” button to add a new server “” and click to connect.
Option1:step3. Click server
4. Please enter your Taipei Tech Portal user account and password to sign-on.
Option1:step4. signon
5. After success login, you can double-click the wanted software.
Option1:step5.choose from remote desktop
6. For instance, when you click the “office 2013” virtual desktop, it will establish a connection to virtual servers in the cloud as shown in the example below.
Option1:step 6.example of the CNC desktop cloud
* OPTION 2: Using a web interface to establish a connection to virtual servers in the cloud.
1. Please enter the URL: into a browser, and click the Right image "HTML Access".
Option2: step1.using a web interface
2. The browser will link to sign-on page, using Taipei Tech Portal User Account and Password to login.
Option2: step2. signon
3. After successful login to the CNC Desktop Cloud, you can choose software from hosted virtual desktops as shown in the example below.
Option2:step3. the CNC Desktop Cloud
If you have further question, please no hesitate to contact CNC Help Desk #3200 / #3295 or email


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