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For network security reason, everyone needs an IP address in order to get safe online. According to various kinds of trickery used to gain dishonest advantage among us, CNC try to integrate all information system single sign on and campus network using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that ensures the security of data sent via the internet by using encryption. CNC has been passed ISMS (Information Security Management System) verification audits. We use ISMS stander to review campus information systems and to execute penetration test to defeat in the security weaknesses annually.
Every semester will invite guesses giving a lecture on using the internet safely. We also have an SOP to help and report security issues, if any, please notify CNC (sending email: immediately.

We are using these web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Apple Safari…so frequently, and it is vital to configure them securely. Try to enhance the security and privacy issue you can change browsers, email setting, avoiding from potential harm or click fraud.

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