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The wireless network (LAN) covers the west campus, Lite-On Teaching and Research Building (Everlight building) and dormitory B1, 1F. The bandwidth upgrades to 54 Mbps. The Service set identification (SSID) is ntutcc, users can choose from own device that starts the network, and it is available for students, faculty, staff and guests by passing identity authentication. Taipei Tech joined the TANet wireless roaming circle that can provide a more convenient way for your need.

How to login Wireless Accounts?
* Student, Faculty, Staff:
Please login with the Taipei Tech Portal account and password.
* Guest from other schools:
Please login to email account (ex, in order to use Taipei Tech roams network realm. Taipei Tech student, faculty and staff also can utilize the internet roaming when you visit other schools. Your login account is your email (ex,

TANet wireless roaming center list, please refer from the URL.

Under below map shows the Taipei Tech wireless network coverage area.
campus wireless map

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